How can I buy {THE AND} Card Game??

You can buy it right here on our online shop OR grab one at our {THE AND} Live events.

How many players does the game support?

{THE AND} experience works best with one-on-one conversation. However, some editions can be played with multiple people at one time.

What’s the age range?

The Couples game is meant for ages 16+ because it contains sexually explicit material. All other editions can be played with all ages!

How long does it take to play?

The experience is designed to be played with 12 questions on each side, fostering conversations anywhere from 40 - 90 minutes. But feel free to ask as many or as few questions in each session.

What are the rules?

We outline the steps you should take to play on the back of the box, but the only rule for players is to BE HONEST.

Do you ship internationally?

You bet!

How quickly do you ship orders?

Depending on where you’re ordering from, it will take 3-5 business days and then the time for usps transit (domestic is 2-4 days and international is 6-30 days dependent on customs clearance). International orders are country specific and some may be subject to additional customs charges.

What is {THE AND}?

{THE AND} is an Emmy award-winning interactive documentary project that puts the viewer right in the intimate space of different relationships. With over 200 couples filmed worldwide and millions of views, the project continues to grow and create the first digital database of human relationships.

Why does this game exist?

Many people reached out wanting a chance to experience our documentary experience. So, we created a version using 199 of the same questions you see in our videos, so fans can take the experience home. {THE AND} Card Game lets you laugh, love, and cry with those who are close to you through powerful and honest conversation. 

Are there more relationship decks in the works?

There are! We may also be working on new experiences for you to take home 😏

How can I see your other projects?

Most of our videos have been published on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/theskindeep

Here are the sites for our interactive experiences:

{THE AND}: www.theand.us   The Dig: www.thedig.tv